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Book + Plot Coaching Services

Why invest thousands in a structural edit when you can hire a book coach to help you with plotting and story structure now? Before any writing begins. And at a fraction of the cost of structural editing.

With book and plot coaching, I help authors fall in love with the process of crafting an engaging story. It's my number one priority to support you while you are writing and cultivating your book, from the beginning, not at the end. The last thing I want to do is swoop in when you are finished, take your money for a few weeks of work, and never be heard from again. I know how this feels. I've been there in my own writing journey.

I save authors time, energy, and money by helping them build fierce, believable, marketable books before the writing begins.

My job as your book coach is to help you become an expert in crafting an engaging, marketable, publishable manuscript and to help you feel empowered in the process. From the beginning, not at the end after you've done all the work by yourself.

How exactly do I support you as a book and plot coach: 

  • I help you shape your book from day one

  • I help you format your book (I can personally do this, or I can give you guidance and suggestions on how to do it)​

  • I review your plot outline and give invaluable feedback before the writing begins

  • I help you find ways to problem-solve plot holes and underdeveloped characters by diving into the layout, plot structure, pace, tone, setting, genre, purpose, audience, conflict, character motives, point of view, and world-building of your book  

  • I give you invaluable feedback on where and from whose point of view to start the first chapter

  • I create a nurturing, encouraging, safe space for creativity and ideas to thrive

  • I am your personal revision buddy. A fellow writer and a certified editor who will work with you to discover ways that keep you writing and on task

My approach as a book and plot coach will save you from re-writing underdeveloped characters and entire chunks or story that aren't working. Which is where a lot of authors give up, move to new projects, or even shelf the book they spent time, energy, and tears on. I'm here to ensure that doesn't happen, and to guarantee you that writer's block spawns from not spending enough time in the developmental stage (aka plotting, which all happens before the writing begins). Like I said. I've been there. I know how frustrating it feels to go over the same scene again and again and not know why it isn't working.

I'm here to support, encourage, and keep that frustration from holding you back. And I'll save you thousands of dollars down the road. It costs a lot more to have an editor fix story structure once the book is written. 

Book coaching saves you future time, energy, and money. 

See below for my offerings as a book and plot coach.​

All of my services are $60 an hour, excluding Copyediting, Proofreading, Typesetting, and the Custom Coaching Package, which can range in price depending on word count the amount of hours required. 

First Two Chapters

Have you already started writing? I'll give you feedback on the first two chapters of your book: what is working/what’s not, feedback on protagonist and antagonist (their motivations and introductions), tone, writing style, and first turning point (forward motion of the conflict).​

The Bones + All Outline

Do you have notes for your plot everywhere and you just can't find the time to compile them into a congruent document? Let me do it for you. I'll create a cohesive, intuitive, comprehensive word document for your outline that will have everything you need to know and will be easy to access once you sit down to begin the writing stage. 


The Outline Review

If you are a plotter who wants feedback on your plot outline before the writing begins, this is for you! I offer essential suggestions on pacing, structure, possible plot holes, passive characters without motive, and world-building.​​

Custom Coaching Package

Not sure what you need help with? Overwhelmed by the process of starting? You have loads of ideas but you don't know where to start to get them churning and onto paper? Let's meet for a free 30 min. virtual call to discover how I can offer you the best help. We'll come up with a custom plotting approach for you, based on where you are at and what is most valuable for you.


Have questions? Get in Touch.

Thanks for submitting!

I save authors time, energy, and money by helping them build fierce, believable, marketable books before the writing begins. 

Watch the video below for a virtual introduction:  

Why Hire a Book Coach?

  •  Initial support for your big dreams       ​

  •  Save future time, energy, and money            

  •  Invest in your future as a best-selling author     

  •  Immediate support with building plot, structure, format, and characters  

  •  Support with time management and keeping on task

  •  A nurturing, encouraging, and creative space

  •  Professional feedback before the writing begins

  •  Having a support buddy in the trenches of revisions

The greatest reward about hiring a book coach for plotting is the initial support you have for your big dreams and the structural feedback you get from a professional before the writing begins. Plot coaching saves you time, energy, and money in the long run—even if you aren’t a plotter at the core. Knowing what is important to your characters and where they will end up before you begin writing is the ultimate advantage you will have as a writer. 


I can speak from my own experience. I used to quilt. I would right chunks of my books as I was inspired and then weave them together without any plotting, but that meant I didn’t always know what motivated my characters and where they needed to be at the end of their stories. It cost me a lot of time rewriting. After getting frustrated or stumped as to what to write next, I would ultimately shelf the books I had spent so much time and love on. I eventually learned to plot in a really exciting way, and I want to share what I learned with you. 

As a published author and certified editor, I know a shit ton about the publishing industry, including what agents/acquisition editors look for in the pitching stage, how to market your book by knowing your audience, purpose, genre, medium and publishing goals, and how to use social networking tools to find the industry professionals who are looking for your book.

Looking For More?


Have you already written a book? If you're looking to get your manuscript edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, to tighten sentence structure, and fact-check consistency of content, I offer copyediting for completed manuscripts.

Copyediting is defined by Grammarly Blog as taking "place after a substantive edit but before proofreading. The objective of copy editing is to polish the copy so that it’s clear while retaining the author’s voice and meaning. Copy is defined as “matter to be printed,” and a copy editor is responsible for this polishing step." (Jennifer Calonia, "Copy Editing vs. Proofreading: What’s the Difference?" 2022)


If you're looking for a final sweep of your manuscript, I offer proofreading for typeset manuscripts only. With proofreading, I catch last minute typos and layout errors. This stage of editing is especially important for indie authors because a team of editorial professionals is not behind you like they would be in traditional publishing.

Proofreading is defined by Grammarly Blog as taking "place after the copy editor has completed their work and before the work is published. This step gets its name from the traditional typesetting process. Before multiple book copies were printed, a test version of a manuscript or book, called a “galley proof,” would be created. Proofreaders would read through these proofs to spot and fix mistakes before moving them forward to printing." (Jennifer Calonia "Copy Editing vs. Proofreading: What’s the Difference?" 2022)


Looking to finalize the layout of your manuscript before self-publishing it but you have no idea where to start? I offer manuscript typesetting (aka interior book design). This includes layout of front and back matter, chapter title pages, chapter bodies, author and title header, page numbers, dingbats, etc. This does not include a copy edit or proofreading. This is specifically only the layout design for paperback, hardcover, and ebook versions.


Click here for a sample.

Keep in mind, typesetting takes place after copyediting and before proofreading. You'll want your manuscript to be in top shape for this exciting step in the publishing process.

I charge $0.015 per word, and I base my quotes on word count. For example, if your word count is 40k, the quote would be $600. The timeframe for delivery of edits depends on the word count and my availability. Contact me and I’ll be in touch with my schedule and a proposed timeframe. 


Please keep in mind, $0.015 per word is based on a polished manuscript, not the first draft of your book. I do not take manuscripts that are first draft level. 


Download the FREE 5 Tips to Save You Time And Money before booking with me. It's available by PDF below.


These are easy tips to add to your toolkit from a writer turned editor. Trust me, they will save you so much money with your editor, and they quickly become a part of your writing routine once you get used to implementing them. 

What My Clients Say


Clair Shaw, Author + Book Reviewer

"Rachel is kind, professional, and a thorough editor. She offered lots of feedback and helped me identify strengths and weaknesses in my writing. She engaged with my story, which was unexpected but completely lovely! I'm beyond pleased with the final outcome and will definitely be a returning customer."
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