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One Thousand Cuts To A Fractured Shell

The Five abide by three rules.




Grieving, anxiety ridden Overseer Devi suffers from Unrest, the same disease that drove her father to madness and exiled him to the unforgivable surface of Audun. Since his exile, she’s leaned on her mentor, Primary Khaalida, to help her oversee a planet riddled with disease and despair. But when Khaalida vanishes without explanation, Devi’s left with the impossible burden of saving her planet from Nebulaana, a black hole on the brink of swallowing Audun. 


Her only hope lies in the tales of a bitter, cryptic prisoner who’s lived six extraordinary names entwined with Audun’s demise and Khaalida’s disappearance.

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Starry Sky

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Rachel C. Neale writes sapphic historical romance and LGBTQ+ centric science fiction.

Her first published novella, Beyond The Grove A Lantern Flickers, is preceded by Sicili And The Penniless Lad, a historical sapphic romance nominated for two Indie Ink Awards in 2023.

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Rachel explores the complexities of religion, generational family trauma, and female leads who embody feminine rage, leadership, and refuse to stop fighting for those who fall outside of societies graces.


When not writing or editing, Rachel can be found scouring thrift stores for vintage, flailing to electro-trance music, drinking coffee, and observing the patterns of human nature.

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Other Works

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Praise for Sicili And The Penniless Lad

...endlessly fascinating...a 

wonderful story about love conquering evil...

––Guinevive P.

...strong female characters and enchanting magical supporting characters...

––Nicole Y.

...filled with warmth and wit and little funny moments...


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