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The world Rachel built was endlessly fascinating. I enjoyed reading this story, and am sure others will enjoy it as well. A wonderful story about love conquering evil, and how pain in life only makes the good memories even better. Truly a pleasant read.

––Guinevive P.

I loved this book! The world and storyline that the author creates is so unique and imaginative. Taking place during Victorian-era London, it highlights strong female characters and enchanting magical supporting characters too. The story is engaging, and I loved the parallel between the protagonist going through the different layers of her mind, and the way the reader gets to unwrap the layers of the story.

––Nicole Y.

Read the first page, and you'll read the rest of the book.

Not many books can hook you like that.

10/10 recommend.


––Morgan G.


Rachel C. Neale writes queer fantasy and sapphic romance.

Beyond the Grove is her debut novella. Sicili and the Penniless Lad, a historical sapphic romance, will be published Spring 2023 by Spectrum Books. She is currently writing Daughter of Obsidian and Azure, a novel about found family and the injustice of social classism.   

She is passionate about capturing storylines driven by female leads who go against the grain and question conventionality.

When not writing or editing, Rachel can be found scouring thrift stores, flailing to music, drinking coffee, and learning book design.

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