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Alexandra Watts suffers from a mundane existence. Her hum-drum life takes an immediate turn when she meets a mysterious lesbian, Em, who claims to be a monster-hunter––the last of a long line of Gatekeepers. 

After volunteering her subconscious for a makeshift experiment, Watts is pulled into a mirage of gates, memories filled with shadow monsters, and a grove on the edge of England.

Fast paced, witty, and layered, Beyond the Grove is a Victorian era lesbian romance filled with action and mystery.


Wishing you had all the notes about your world in one place? Can’t remember what you called that city your main character grew up in? Getting stumped half-way through the first draft of your manuscript because you don’t know the backstory of your world or how it came to be? 


​We’ve all been there. 

This manual will get you face-to-face with core elements of storytelling that make a rich and believable fantasy world, including map-making, mythology, poetry, and systems. It acts as a dictionary for your manuscript, and has everything you need to know about your world before you start writing. It’s the ultimate plotting tool. 

Book no.1
Book no.2
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